Porsche Typ 60K10 Präsentation 1939 Porsche Typ 60K10 Laguna Seca 1982
Porsche Typ 60K10 Versuchswagen 1940
Porsche Typ 60K10

Porsche Typ 60K10 as highly detailed slotcar in 1:32. The original Porsche Typ 60K10 was built by Ferdinand Porsche in 1938 - 39 for the long distance race Berlin - Rome. It was based on the KDF Wagen but highly customized.
Our cars are made of black resin (body shell, chassis, interior) nickle parts, photo etched parts, aluminium rims with carrera tires, brassaxles, detailed decals, clear plastic
parts etc
All parts are higly detailed. Kits are complete but without motor/ guide blade. The factory built cars come fully assembled Ready to Race They are professionally finished and clear coated.

Only 3 versions were built and all 3 are available by Lovespeed:

Kit (LS001KIT LS002KIT LS003KIT)
Kit / finished body (LS001PPK LS002PPK LS003PPK)
RTR factory built
in Germany (LS001RTR LS002RTR LS003RTR)

All cars are produced in limited editions
(KIT+PPK 300pc / RTR 100pc)