history BMW 328 Touring Coupé
The 328 Coupé was built during 1938 - 39 by the famous coachbuilder Carrozzeria Touring in Milano for the long distance race Berlin - Rom. The streamlined aluminium bodied car won at its first race in Le Mans 1939 the class victory and overall 5. place. The driver was Schaumburg Lippe.

Version 1: Mille Miglia 1940 (I. Gran Premio Brescia delle Mille Miglia). Driven by v. Hanstein and Bäumler the BMW finished the 1485 km distance as overall winner. The white paint originally used by all german racecars was taken of but still remained in the interior.

Version 2: After Worldwar 2 the car was painted in army green by the american troops.It appeared at Ruhestein Bergrennen 1946 and later taken by a BMW engineer to the US. The car was sold and highly customized by the new owner Rob Grier a photographer in New York.The BMW was painted in red and got big bumpers taken of a Land Rover.It was used as regular roadcar and also driven in a couple of street races like Watkins Glen 1949 where Grier finished as 27. Since the mid 50s the car was hidden in a garage in Connecticut.

Version 3: The Coupé was dicovered by the american collector Jim Proffit in the mid80s. BMW could buy the car back in 2002. In 2004 Cané und Galliani won at historic Mille Miglia.

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technical data

Engine: front engine 6 valves 1971cc
Power: 136bhp
Kph: 220km/h / 130 mph

Body: Aluminium
Weight: 780kg
BMW 328 Touring Watkins Glen 1949
BMW 328 Touring Mille Miglia 2004
BMW 328 Touring Mille Miglia 1940